While Sony is yet to confirm when India gets PS5 restocks, one retailer already has. Bengaluru-based store Prepaidgamercard has informed IGN India readers that the PS5 India restock date is slated for April. Now this isn’t the first time retail has mentioned a PS5 restock date what with Croma and Sony Centers telling customers of a March restock which did not happen. However Prepaidgamercard did mention an Xbox Series X March restock window on its site in the past that lined up with what eventually happened.

In addition to this, multiple IGN readers tell us that local Sony Centers are preparing for a first week of April PS5 restock.

These somewhat line up with what IGN India reported last week. At the time Sony Centres in Goa and Bhopal were taking cash from customers citing that Sony had informed them of a PS5 India restock date of the second week of April due to potential delays. IGN India was independently able to verify that this was indeed the case in these cities.

However, given Sony Centers’ track record in the run up to and during the PS5 launch — as well as Sony’s own track record, we’d recommend taking these claims with a giant keg of salt. More so since Sony itself does not comment on PS5 restocks, much to the ire of an increasingly impatient and vocal community.

In fact, it’s quite likely that the PS5 isn’t even a focus for the company in India.

PlayStation India boss Prosenjit Ghosh revealed that 2020 was the best year for the PS4 in the country during an industry panel at the India Gaming Conference and Show 2021 and come at a time when gamers across the country are demanding PS5 restocks.

“This should have not been the best year for the PS4 as it was in it seventh year,” he said. “Despite that this ended up being the best year for the PS4.”

In addition to this he stated that Indian gamers want lower pricing along with a sustained demand for international content in franchises like GTA and FIFA. This was in response to other panelists suggesting that Indian gamers want only Indian games.

“[Indian gamers want] better price,” he says. “They don’t want Indian content only, [they’re] okay with international content.”

This should come as no surprise with PS5 exclusives costing Rs. 5,000 which is roughly Rs. 1,000 more than most third-party games on the console, making it highly prohibitive to buy games on launch day.

Recently Sony has restocked the PS4 in India and raised the price as well after being out of stock for most of the year.

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