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Everyone covets the Death Crown and the overwhelming power it grants, but not everyone deserves to wear it. Especially not the King, whose arrogance and overconfidence has attracted the wrath of Death herself. You’re going to help her punish the entire Kingdom in the minimalistic real-time strategy Death Crown, which is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Death Crown keeps things simple in almost every regard, with its 1-bit style artwork immediately showcasing this. It also looks to deliver straightforward strategic gameplay as you only possess barracks, gold mines, and some towers to protect your buildings. You must command the legion of minions at your behest, sowing the seeds of destruction across the land and creating enough death to bring about the fall of humanity through a proper campaign. Forget about developing a clever strategy and taking your time to implement it however, just act quickly, act relentlessly or else you’ll be history.

As the campaign mode will explain, the War of the Death Crown is in full flow, after a greedy King decided that reigning over the living wasn’t enough. He wants to control the dead and become immortal by wielding the artefact known as the Death Crown. Death is dead against the idea though, and wants to do whatever it takes to put the humans – and most importantly, the King – back in their places.

Features include:

  • -Clear strategic gameplay. Everything is very simple: you only have barracks producing troops, mines producing gold, and towers protecting your buildings.
  • -Local multiplayer. Punishing pitiful humans in co-op with a friend is much more fun! And after that you can find out which one of you is cooler in the PVP mode.
  • -A memorable visual style. Seriously, how many strategy games in 1bit do you know?
  • -Unique story. Upgrade your troops, march through your foe’s lands, sowing death and destruction, behold the fall of the Humanity’s Kingdom in the breathtaking campaign

Whether you wish to dish out the punishment against the pitiful humans in the campaign, or battle it out with a friend locally, you’ll first need to acquire Death Crown. It’s available right now, including the ‘Era of Human’ and ‘Demonic Menace’ DLC, from the Xbox Store for the sum of £10.74 – which seems a decent price to pay to obtain such power. Don’t you agree? 

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Game Description:

The Story: At the end of the millennial war, when all the cemeteries were overcrowded with the bodies of the dead, came the one who was called The King. Thanks to his unyielding will, The King managed to subdue and unite all the lands. The Kingdom appeared, and the era of the Human began. The King ruled wisely and fairly, but his time on this land ran out: Death came after him. But the will of The King was so strong that he could deny Death. He grew so proud that he humiliated Death itself. The idea of the overwhelming power and immortality didn’t leave his mind. The King realized that power over the living was not enough for him. The King decided to get the powerful artefact known as the Death Crown. Thus begins the War of the Death Crown.

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