A unit of the first-gen Nintendo Super NES that comes with a CD-ROM also called the Nintendo PlayStation is now ready to be sold off. You could take a bid, for the final price of this legacy gaming hardware. Noted gaming analyst Terry Diebold is now co-ordinating the auction. At this point in time, it is worth remembering that these Nintendo PlayStation consoles prototypes are the ones a lot of today’s “popular” gamers drew inspiration for playing adventure games from.  

Buy the Nintendo PlayStation now

As of now, Diebold is inviting serious gamers to reach out to him to purchase the Nintendo PlayStation console. This gaming unit, up for sale, is the official prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation. You could chip in with your own price for the device, at this juncture. Check out Diebold’s official tweet below. Netizens, especially twitterati have also expressed their thoughts about the Nintendo PlayStation being appropriate to be displayed within a museum – due to its now legacy nature. Check out some tweets, in this regard, below. 




In related news, the free games applicable to Microsoft Xbox One/Xbox 360 gamers for October 2019 is here and are live now. With respect to Xbox 360 games, there are the Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. This would be released from 16 October till 31 October. Then, there is the Disney Bolt that would seed from 1 October till 15 October 2019. These four games would begin seeding very soon from now.  For Xbox One gamers, there are the Friday the 13th: The Game, and Tembo the Badass Elephant respectively. (Main Image Credit: Fandom).

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