I have plenty of ear-phones, most of them come with a mobile phone, I had a set with my Samsung S9 and with my Sony Xperia and in all honesty, they both are rubbish and cheap. For two amazing brands, you would think both companies would know how to produce great sound peripherals for their leading devices.

So with that in mind can a leading gaming peripheral company Razer, who is renowned for creating some of the best gaming keyboards, headsets, and mouses, create something for us, ear-phone users? For me, I have never owned a set of ear-buds from Razer or heard of them selling them so after some homework, I have found some older versions of the Hammerhead both wired and wireless.

Now in 2019, Razer has released there latest model the Razer Duo, both std, and a version dedicated to the Nintendo Switch with microphone mute. I got myself the non-Nintendo Switch Version, why? I never use the microphone on the switch and most likely never will as I love playing single player games which have no online features. If I do end up in a multi-player game I tend to never talk and mute all the players that are just childish. Now right off the get-go, these are not waterproof, so I also got myself a pair of xFyro waterproof earbuds. I got these for training as I sweat too much and find normal ear-phones just fall out and well over-ear headsets are a nightmare.

Being a review writer you are always reading other peoples reviews, not taking there reviews as your own, but to see what they think of the game or peripheral you are reviewing. I have seen some reviews that give a high score to a really bad headset and I do wonder why? it is because they have never owned another product of this quality before, so have no real base for comparison? Am I right? well, that would be down to you to check out the writer’s past history or check out the product for yourself. Personally Bullshit is Bullshit.

I have reviewed a lot of headsets but I have only ever reviewed 1 or two ear-phones from my recollection and they were from high-quality peripheral distributors, or I did not review them and only purchased them, memory not all that good after many years of writing.

So shall we get on with these? getting these from your local store, from the front you would only know the brand and what type of product these are, right at the bottom it says Duel Driver Technology, whatever that means to you, is anybody’s business.

Take a little time out and you find this information you want


What makes dual drivers different from a single driver headphone is the ability to separate deep bass from mid and high frequencies. Dedicated dynamic and balanced armature drivers deliver rich and full range audio for superior clarity, so you’ll experience greater immersive sound with music, movies, and games, wherever you go.

On the back of the package, you get to know what’s in the box which includes silicone additional ear-buds, the connection which is a 3.5mm audio jack and an inline control system. But there is nothing that tells you about the dual driver technology, which is a massive shame as this is a core selling point of these ear-phones. A missed opportunity I have to admit. A few more missed opportunities would have been to added a carry case which the switch variant comes with, and maybe have the flap magnetic so users can store the cables away safely when not in use as I do. OK, not the greatest of starts, would I buy these straight away, possibly not without doing my homework first.

So what about the actual product? The 3.5mm audio jack in gold plated, the cable up to a cable divider is braided and going forward up to the inline control and up to the earbuds themselves is rubber. The inline control feels a little bit too high, I would have liked it a bit lower say around 2inches from its current position.  The ear-buds look sort of odd in its design, the Razer logo is printed on the end behind a clear gloss cover, the next part is hard to describe, so here is a picture,  like I said it’s odd but works rather well.

See above image, the actual ear connection is angled different from the main section which also has L or R embossed into the plastic. Moving back to the inline control, Razer is etched on the underside and 3 buttons on top, volume up, down and mute.

Overall the control does the following Volume Up and Down using the top and bottom buttons while the center button controls Play/ Pause / Accept and End Calls.

Sound, Design do they work? the simple answer here, damn right they do, they sound amazing and they fit my ears great. There were some issues, I was unable to leave one earphone hanging out as it would pull on the other too much forcing it to be either uncomfortable or simply pull it out.

But the sound is where this shines. Before I started using these I was using the Cooler Master CM Storm Resonar, which are ridiculously expensive but where at the time amazing. Now I am using these, and the duo deliveries an experience, not heard before when it comes to this small a soundstage peripheral. I love the explosions in games, I love listening to trance, techno, classic rock, and these new earphones have blown my mind when it comes to the soundstage they create, Bass is really impressive. They are not so great at those super low frequencies, but Razer never claim they do.

Let’s get back to the sound, in games, because this is what I used them for more than anything else, games includes such titles as Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy X/X 2 Darksiders, Diablo, and Starlink. Odd Games you might be thinking, but these are the games I have been playing recently and love on my Nintendo Switch. Playing huge RPG Games, the atmosphere, environments, voice acting, and music all shined through. Within huge battles in Diablo, the bass was outstanding, Boom Boom Boom, wow spectacular for a pair of earphones. Flying around space and taking on enemies sounded spacial and hacking and slashing through Darksiders, well again great.

For a pair of earphones, these are amazing, spectacular, odd design, BOOM BOOM BOOM soundstage experience I have never had from such a small soundstage peripheral. Now I am not going to say these are the best in the world as I really do not 100% know for sure. But when it comes to using rubbish earphones that come with mobile phones and my Cooler Master CM Storm Resonar which are great, these are far better.  I personally feel some changes could be added, as the inline control moved down a little, a carry case with both versions, not just the switch version, and fully braided not party braided. For packaging, if you are like me and like to keep your equipment new and safe and magnetic attachment for the lid. The higher frequencies need to be tweaked some more as Bass was the primary soundstage these headphones output, for me that’s perfectly fine.

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