Devil’s Hunt is a third-person action game coming to Xbox One and other platforms in 2019. Based on the “Equilibrium” novel by Paweł Leśniak, the game resurrects the lasting fight between light and dark. According to the developer, Devil’s Hunt takes place as a full-fledged war between angels and demons seems imminent. You step into the shoes of Desmond, and must decide if you want the angels or demons to win.

Gaining demonic powers and becoming Hell’s executor, Desmond struggles to find a place for himself in the ongoing war. He is apparently both the destroyer and the savior. The main mechanic in the game seems to be the ability to shift from a human to a demon, and vice versa. Both forms have their advantages, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to approach combat.

The gameplay trailer showcases pre-alpha footage which looks gorgeous to say the least. What stands out though is the melee combat. Instead of using an arsenal of bizarre weapons, Desmond has to utilize his fists and land a series of punches. It’s quite similar to certain aspects of the new God of War.

While we’ve seen a lot of games come out which focus on the war between Heaven and Hell, Devil’s Hunt stands out due to this factor. Hopefully it’ll be a polished experience when it launches next year. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the game.

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