The only way to hear Red Fang’s new single, “Headbang” is to download their app and then literally headbang with the app.

The genius idea was put together by ad agencey exec Ansel Wallenfang, who works at the prestigious Wieden+Kennedy. Here’s how the press release describes it:

“Red Fang: Headbang is a culmination of everything I’ve wasted my life on—metal, arcades, and a warped sense of humor. It’s really a love letter to my childhood and all the things that make me, me,” says Wallenfang.

The ’90s arcade aesthetic allowed Wallenfang to marry his love for directing and animation. In keeping with the era it emulates, he filmed the actors against green screens, then processed them into pixels, which were augmented by an artist to add hand-drawn touches. The process, with its DIY charm, fit perfectly for a band like Red Fang.

“When it comes to metal, headbanging is the thing. It wasn’t just interactive for interactive’s sake, so it was an idea I couldn’t let go of. I’m beyond lucky to work at a place that is so supportive. They really helped make my weird vision into what I knew it could be,” said Wallenfang.

The trailer helps to explain how awesome this is:

You can download the game now in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Make sure to check out the retro website created for the game as well.

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