Red Solstice 2: Survivors is the sequel to Red Solstice a tactical top-down squad-based RPG strategy survival game developed on a custom game engine by Ironward released in July 2015. The sequel has been upgraded now developed using Unreal Engine and published by 505 games. Red Solstice 2 Survivors features a solo or Co-op story campaign mode along with an online Co-op skirmish mode with up to 8 players in a squad.

Once you complete your prologue mission you get hit with some “Fire” still animation cinematics. I am a huge fan of this art style, and the audio production in the opening cinematics just hits different. It gets you pumped. You can play the story solo, but this is not recommended. What makes this game is the multiplayer gameplay. Up to 8 players can either join your story or just play in random missions via the skirmish mode. What I think is most appealing about this multiplayer setup is its low maintenance. You and your homies can pick it up and put it down whenever you want without worrying about people not being caught up in the story or having a high enough item level. While you don’t get the same raid-type experience mechanically as an MMORPG, you are not grinding daily’s to maintain relevance. When playing in a group of 8 however you do get that MMORPG raid type feel. In harder settings you will need to make on the fly adjustments to your strategy and communication between your squad is needed. It’s a rich tactical environment that requires a coordinated team to progress.

As a Diablo player, I must say I do miss named loot drops, but maybe in this case it might ruin the game. I think the customization system is actually really good in Red Solstice 2: Survivors. You have 4 base classes Assault, Demolition, Heavy, and medic with up to 10 loadouts per suit. In the armory, you are able to choose primary and secondary weapons that fit your play style. There is a pool of weapons most suits can use then specialty weapons bound to specific suits. Where the customization gets deep is the power core system. Each suit can have 2 systems, 4 modules, and a number of upgrades depending on how you manage your power cores. You can fill slots in with power cores boosting your maximum power allowing you to equip more upgrades. It’s a balance between available slots and power management. Even though you might double up on classes in your squad each player’s suite can still offer a unique contribution to the group. You also have a universal skill tree that can buff your character or squad with skill points. Finally, the bestiary provides bonuses for capturing a number of various NPCs during missions.

Story mode is a race for survival as you try to keep the infestation meter from hitting 100% ending your game. You can adjust the level of difficulty per mission which increases your rewards. A great move by the developers not locking you into a story mode save on one difficulty setting. The gameplay is great there is so much depth with resistances, armor types, suit types buffs, debuffs, explosives, traps, it’s actually endless. If you’re playing solo, you can build out and micro your NPC squad members to assist you along the way. I would like to see more intricate boss battles with higher skill cap mechanics in later updates. I also would like to see more frequent boss-type enemies on the maps.

An excellent product on put forth on day one by Ironward. We didn’t encounter any significant bugs or glitches while reviewing this game. This one is a keeper I will most definitely enjoy some more Red Solstice 2 Survivors game nights. Get the crew together squad up and hit the streets of Mars for only $29.99

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