My favorite announcement from the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary event was where we got Crisis Core remaster announced. Its official title is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

The trailer shows some real stunning visuals and a ton of effort in scaling and even appearing to remake models and textures with the original game in mind. It definitely seems like this remaster will be much better than how the Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts Remaster looked when Square Enix remastered it for all consoles. The battle system looks like it remains the same and that it still utilizes the slot machine leveling system. I am actually really excited they kept most everything the same but the textures, since the base game is still really fun to play today. 

A weird thing is that Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion will launch on Xbox Consoles, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Consoles and PC day 1 this winter. Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and follows the shoes of Zack Fair as he aims to be a true hero like Sephiroth. He is mentored by Angeal and gets caught up in a mess as he tries to figure out some of the shady business that is dealt by Shinra. To look more on my thoughts on this game check out my Ode to the PlayStation Portable.

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