Housemarque’s Returnal game has received a spattering of trailers over the past couple of weeks to show off different components of the game encompassing the enemies players will face to the stories they’ll uncover. If there’s anything you’ve missed about the game – or really, anything you want to know about it – the latest video from the PlayStation Access YouTube channel should tell you everything you need to know about the PlayStation 5 game before it releases this month.

The video from the PlayStation-affiliate YouTube channel featured “11 Things You Need To Know” about Returnal which probably means that if you haven’t been keeping up with every reveal from Housemarque, you’ll learn more here than you have in any other preview. The video covers some of the most important parts of the game players have been interested in including the enemies found on the planet Atropos and the weapons players will use against them.

As things go on, however, you may actually earn a bit more about Returnal than you planned to, so if you’re trying to stay in the dark about some things, it might be best to call it quits around No. 9 or so in the 11-point rundown. Things aren’t outright spoiled, but it does remove some of the mystery of Returnal the more you learn about it.

Judging from what’s been shown in this video and the others, however, there’ll still be plenty of mysteries to decipher. With the game’s roguelite setup where Celine respawns over and over after “dying,” players should have plenty of opportunities to familiarize yourself with her story, Atropos, and the planet’s inhabitants. Those creatures are located in different biomes throughout the planet and have different offensive and defensive strategies depending on the entity players are facing.

“For example, in the Overgrown Ruins the Mycomorph has a strong emphasis on shooting aggressive homing projectiles from afar,” a separate overview of the game from a recent PlayStation Blog post said. “It will often teleport to new locations to find better vantage points, and will also throw out a grenade-style attack that releases a cluster of vines, which will inhibit player movement when within proximity.”

Returnal would’ve been out by now had it not been delayed, but it’s now gone gold and is on track for an April 30th release where it’ll launch exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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