Roccat makes some good mechanical keyboards, especially their Vulcan line which combines ‘floating’ low profile keycaps with pleasant tactile switches, a volume dial and a wrist rest. These keyboards are normally available around the $70 mark, but today you can pick one up from Amazon in black for $48 – a good deal for a full-size mechanical keyboard from a major brand.

I used a Roccat Vulcan 120 (the same model in silver; a Vulcan 122 is white) for some time and these keyboards are quite strong choices. I think their design is superior to a lot of gaming-style options out there, with the thinner keycaps and low-profile chassis showing off the switches and the RGB lighting (optional) within quite nicely. The wrist rest is a nice addition and the whole kit looks quite stylish, in my eyes at least.

Usability is also a strong point, with the addition of a volume wheel and mute buttons on the upper right making it much easier to adjust your speaker/headset volume – I hate not having an option to do this, especially if I need to quickly turn down the volume because someone is speaking to me, for instance. This also prevents (badly-coded) games from crashing when alt-tabbed, something that is necessary to adjust the volume without a physical control and remains surprisingly commonplace in the year 2023.

Of course, there’s no sense in choosing a convenient and good-looking keyboard if it’s rubbish to type on, but thankfully the Vulcan 121 is anything but. The tactile switches within are a good choice for both typing and gaming, with a relatively low actuation force to register a keypress and a subtle tactile bump that lets you know when you’ve reached that actuation point. There are certainly more exotic and exciting switches when it comes to mechanicals, but this is a good, safe choice in my eyes.

So: $48 good price for good mechanical keyboard. Worth considering. I go now!

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