So I had noticed my work computer (Microsoft surface pro4) was oddly slow along with my gaming pc I decided to log into my router and noticed other users had been connecting to it, after further investigation all they did as I could see was connected to my devices and left all passwords alone, after doing some scans and research I had noticed that soon boot up my surface pro was running more instances than normal of a Svchost.exe. Using project lasso I noticed that many of them were server and network services sihost and ctfmon wmipserve.
I then noticed on my connected devices on the router that the surface pro had been set up with a static ip. I then blocked all dns on the router and changed passwords and such.
So booted it in safe mode tried running but it would crash and then ran gridsoft malware remover and malware bytes hitmanpro it did find a ton of Trojans pups like 90+.
Then after a arc scannow Windows files were corrupted and it said it was unable to repair them I did follow some online instructions and got them verified and repaired but the svchost.exe is still doing the same things at startup and my computer is always trying to connect to dns connections when first connected to wifi.
Also there are a bunch of new rules added in my inbound and outbound win firewall setting which i went and disabled and blocked all of them over 75 a lot to do with remote connections and Comcast and alljoyrouter all kinds.
I then tried formatting and reinstalling Windows on my game gaming pc which when Windows install stared to install I had noticed a box running in the back ground called FBIDebugger tools so I bleep down pc and havent touched it since please help how can I get my work computer cleaned and what is FBIDEBUGGER??
Please help!

Thanks Seridium

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