Samurai Shodown will be coming to Xbox Series X|S with Smart Delivery to ensure that fans will get the most of their game when it launches this March with a major performance improvement. You can check out the new screenshots today.

Originally released last year, SAMURAI SHODOWN has quickly begun to take over once again by continuing its 1993 originality, delivering an experience unlike anything we’d seen in recent days. In the latest announcement, SNK has revealed that the game will be getting some Xbox Series X|S treatment on March 16th 2021.

The latest installment will get a special treatment on both the X and S systems that include framerates being upgraded for 120 FPS, giving fans an experience they’ve yet to have had. Additionally, SNK has revealed that all DLC content will carry over to the Xbox Series X|S version of the game, allowing them to continue experiencing characters such as Shizumaru Hisame from SAMURAI SHODOWN III and GONSUN LI from Honor of Kings.

You can check out the official new gallery down below, which includes Season Pass characters and plenty more:

The characters previously mentioned can be obtained through Season Pass 1 & 2. The third one being slated for release in February 2021. You can also check out a special video message from SAMURAI SHODOWN director Hayato Konya down below:

For those wondering about a physical or digital release for Xbox Series X|S can grab a copy soon for $59.99 at participating retailers and on the Microsoft Store.

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