Sega Corporation is Metacritic’s top publisher for 2020. So far, it seems the Japanese company has a lot of games that people love and the critics know it.

Every year, review aggregator Metacritic publishes a ranking of the top publishers. These scores depend on the review numbers of their games over the past 12 months. Sega Corporation nabbed the coveted top 1 with its many titles.

Persona, Yakuza wins out top for Sega

So far, Sega’s 2020 has been quite a good year for the games they publish. The PC version of Persona 4 Golden got a full 87 Metascore. Other titles, like Football Manager 2021 and Yakuza: Like A Dragon, got 85 and 83 respectively.

Sega has also published several DLCs for their much-beloved Total War franchise. The Xbox One port of Yakuza 0 also helped, garnering a solid Metascore of 90. The entire list was not all about Sega though, with a solid top 10 in the list.

Second from Sega, indie studio, Annapurna Interactive came in close. As a matter of fact, their base score of 81.9 was higher than Sega’s 81.6. The problem was that Annapurna lost on the bonus score department for every game above 90.

Annapurna is famous for indie darlings and experimental titles. They’re the publisher of If Found… with an 84 Metascore and I am Dead with 77 points. Their console ports of Kentucky Route Zero and Florence also did the trick.

Capcom snags third, Sony comes fourth

After Sega Corporation and indie publisher Annapurna, some industry bigwigs come at 3 onwards. Capcom snagged third place while Sony got 4th, going up from their previous ranks of 5 and 22 respectively.

Capcom got third place with an 80.3 Metascore across all titles, with no game going above 90. It came up with its console ports of Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and its Iceborne expansion for PC. With Monster Hunter Rise, fans can expect Capcom to get going for the 2021 rankings.

Sony had a bigger deviation, jumping from 22nd to 4th this year with 79.8. They have less good games at 79% good and zero bad.

Their only edge against Capcom are two titles listed at above 90%. These games were The Last of Us Part 2 and Demon’s Souls for the PS5. Their new IP, Dreams, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales also picked up the slack.

For a complete list of the publishers below Sega Corporation, it’s best to check the original list. There are many new publishers in the top 10, including Aksys Games and No More Robots.

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