There are floor lights to improve road safety for pedestrians who permanently have their eyes glued to their phones, but what do you do when the smartphone zombie is a driver?

A driver for a shuttle bus service connecting Yishun MRT to Orchid Country Club has been removed from all driving duties after he was caught swiping away at his mobile phone while driving, service operator ComfortDelGro told AsiaOne. 

His actions came to light on Monday (March 5), after a passenger uploaded a video of him in the act onto Facebook. They had been on their way to the country club the day before. 

“He was playing a mobile game all along the ride for 10 minutes,” the netizen wrote. “Even driving on the curved road, he did not stop!”

In the video, the driver could be seen glancing down at the phone in his right hand while the bus was moving.

The netizen, who was on board the shuttle bus with their son, was furious that the driver would “not only endanger himself but all the passengers including [their] boy.”

“How can [the driver] be so irresponsible?”

Other netizens were similarly enraged, demanding for action to be taken against the driver.


On the other hand, some pointed out the person who filmed the clip could have spoken to the driver instead of sitting back and recording a video.

“If got time to take video, isn’t it better to step forward and tell the driver?”


In response to AsiaOne’s queries, the group chief branding and communications office for Orchid Country Club’s shuttle service operator Tammy Tan apologised for what happened. 

“Such unsafe driving behaviour is not acceptable,” she said. 

The company would not hesitate to take stern disciplinary against the driver, depending on the outcome of their investigations, she added.

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Under the Road Traffic Act, it is an offence for a driver to hold and use a mobile communication device while driving on the road or in a public place.

If found guilty, offenders would be liable to a fine not exceeding $1,000 or an imprisonment term not exceeding six months, or both.

Repeat offenders would face a fine not exceeding $2,000 and/or a term not exceeding 12 months.

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