SNK 40 Anniversary Collection is bringing a ton of arcade classics to PS4, and the celebrations have already begun in this deliciously cheesy trailer.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and blast out some Rick Astley because it seems that it’s the 1980s once again as SNK 40th Anniversary Collection brings a wealth of classic arcade titles onto the PlayStation 4.

Originally released late last year for Nintendo Switch, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is a compilation of retro titles recreated in crisp 4K resolution. The title spans much of the work that SNK was famous for during the ’70s and ’80s.

So far there’s no word on exactly which games will be included in the PS4 edition, but its safe to assume that it will be a very similar compilation to the one seen on Switch.

Among those included in the Switch version where wartime titles such as P.O.W. and Guerrilla War. It also featured the debut of SNK mainstay Athena in her self-titled game, and its follow up Psycho Soldier, which is known as the first game to include vocals in its theme tune.

There were also a number of more unusual titles available including 1983’s Munch Mobile, and action adventure game Fantasy.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is scheduled for release on March 19 for PlayStation 4. You can get into the retro swing of things with the deliberately cheesy trailer below.

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