As we all know, Sony Japan Studio will be reorganized, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment. JAPAN Studio’s statement said that these changes would take effect on April 1, 2021, and result in a reorganization. Ahead of the reorganization, Sony has discounted Japan Studio games:

  • Bloodborne ($12.99)
  • Astro Bot: Rescue Mission ($14.99)
  • Knack ($5.99)
  • Everybody’s Golf ($14.99)
  • Everybody’s Golf VR ($9.89)

However, not all Japan Studios games are getting sweet offers. After working with Bluepoint on the Demon’s Souls Remake, the game remains at the original price of $69.99 for the PS5. The main reason is probably that Demon’s Souls is way newer than these other games.

Still, most of the games on sale are pretty good. Bloodborne is essentially one of the best PlayStation Exclusives of all time. Knack is also a pretty interesting game, while the others are more casual but fun games.

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