AMD’s Next-Gen 7nm Hardware Are Going to be in the PS 5


The next-generation of consoles are going to bring a massive change to the console gaming market that hasn’t been seen in a very long time. Thanks to AMD Navi and Zen 2, Sony’s next-gen PlayStation console is going to be very powerful in fact, it’ll be powerful enough that it may be able to push 8k. 

PlayStation 5 Specs

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t provided us with a detailed specs list yet but, they have given us some basic information about Sony’s next-gen PlayStation console. Right now, we know that the PS 5’s CPU is going to be based on AMD Zen 2’s 8 core chip and the GPU is going to feature a custom design based on AMD’s 7nm Navi GPUs. The Sony PlayStation 5 is going to be the first gaming console to feature a 7nm CPU which means that it could change console gaming. The GPU is also going to feature Ray Tracing, just like Microsoft’s next-gen console and, Sony claims that the console can support up to 8k and refresh rates up to 120 Hz. That’s not all, the PlayStation 5 is also going to feature an SSD which is said to be faster then any SSD available on the market right now. 

How Much Will The PS 5 Cost?

Unfortunately, right now Sony hasn’t given us the price point for the PS 5 but, we can assume that it’s going to cost somewhere around $400. Sony wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistakes as they did with the PS 3 which was priced at $500 while the competing Xbox 360 was priced at $299. Unsurprisingly, the PS 3 completely failed. 

When is the PS 5 Coming Out?

Right now, we don’t have a clear released date but, according to many sources, the PlayStation 5 is expected to launch late 2020, most likely right around the holiday season. 

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