While console game marketplaces and other digital stores are inching closer and closer, Steam is still renowned for its generous sales with very deep discounts. In alignment with the Steam Summer Sale date that leaked a while ago, the annual offerings are finally here and Steam is displaying a wide selection of titles at attractive discounts.

Here to stay for two weeks, Steam is offering relatively recent titles at notable discounts, as well as older and revered titles that may have been on gamers’ wishlists. For example, this year’s well-received remake of Resident Evil 2 is being offered at 34% off for $39.59. The game’s Deluxe Edition is additionally on sale for $52.49, instead of its usual $69.99.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is also on sale on the digital store. Normally $59.99, the game is currently 20% off for $47.99. With a Very Positive user review score on Steam, Sekiro may be one of the titles to draw the most attention of PC gamers to Steam’s annual sale.

sekrio player beats bosses by throwing money at them

Additional highlights in the Steam Summer Sale include:

Of course, the above is just a sample of what else the heavily popular Steam Summer Sale has to offer. Additionally, there are sizable discounts on classics like Chrono TriggerL.A. NoirePortalFallout 3, and more. If gamers have a capable PC or Mac, the Steam Summer Sale is a must for those seeking generous discounts on a bevy of games.

Steam’s annual summer sales are anticipated by many years after year. Despite other digital marketplaces starting to ramp up their sales offerings, Steam has been comparably liberal with its summer discounts, as well as discounts in general. Undoubtedly, there is something for most Steam shoppers in this sale.

Although some discounts are larger than others, this is nonetheless an opportune time for PC players to purchase titles they’ve previously shown hesitance to buy due to regular prices. The sale lasts until July 9, so gamers have almost two weeks left to shop savvily in search of their next game on PC.

Source: Steam (via Eurogamer)

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