With the development of games, online multiplayer modes are becoming increasingly popular and even a necessary feature to extend the life of some titles.

As this type of resource has grown, platforms like Xbox and PlayStation have created paid services that guarantee access to online servers, but have you ever stopped to think which of these two services is more stable in terms of connectivity? Tooltester seems to have found the answer to this question and the result is very interesting.

The Tooltester survey has compiled the sites that have recorded the most crashes over the past year, in the US and UK. Data was collected from the downdetector.com website, analyzing the number of monthly outages over the past 12 months at each site (up to June 25, 2021). The three most common problems were also analyzed, with the process being repeated in the US and UK for comparison between the two countries.

In addition to social media, entertainment and banking, the survey also covered Xbox, PSN, and Steam.

In the US, Xbox Live ranked sixth, with 63 outages over the course of the year. Meanwhile, PSN ranked ninth with 49 takedowns. Interestingly enough, Steam had 99 uninstalls, which placed it in second place on the list. Check out the full table below:

Compared to British data, Xbox Live is also higher than PSN (in seventh and ninth places, respectively, 102 points for Xbox, against 90 for PlayStation); Despite this, Steam ranked fourth, with 177 service outages. See the full list below:

Have you ever had problems with PSN and Xbox Live?

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