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What could be better than waking up each morning safe in the knowledge that all you had to do for the next 24 hours was to survive through the school day, and date a load of monster girls as you do so? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Sable’s Grimoire as it launches on Xbox One and fully next-gen optimised for Xbox Series X|S. 

Available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store, Sable’s Grimoire sees you following the life and times of Sable, a wannabe magic researcher who is finding his dreams fast becoming true. After being accepted for a place at the Amadronia Magic Academy however, things start to go wrong, as the pressure of daily life and the issues that haunt his demi-human classmates start to play out. 

Premise-wise, this seems to be a bit of a corker and with more than 400,000 words to take in, and absolutely dozens of choices to take, how Sable’s life rolls is entirely in your hands. It’ll be those decisions which play the utter role here as you attempt to romance no less than 6 main monster girls in the hope you can reach one of – or all of – the 16 endings present. 

Kicking around with a price point of £14.99 and coming complete with full Xbox Series X|S optimisation for good measure, Sable’s Grimoire should well be able to sort out those looking to kick back with a decent visual novel with a lovely little narrative. It’s helped along by some rather lovely artwork and soundtrack too. 

Key features include:

  • * 6 main monster girl heroines with 5 divergent routes
  • * 400k word count with dozens of choices to be made
  • * 16 different endings influenced by your choices
  • * Contains a route map for visualizing your choices and the path you’ve taken
  • * Checkpoints on the route map let you restart the game from key decisions, even if you didn’t save
  • * All original artwork and music made specifically for this game

Should you wish to help Sable in his quest of surviving the day, dating whoever comes his way, then you’ll find a copy of Sable’s Grimoire available from the Xbox Store right now. 

We’ll no doubt drop a full review once we get some hands-on time ourselves. 

Game Description:

When Sable is accepted into Amadronia Magic Academy, he believes that his dream of becoming a world-renowned magic researcher is finally within his grasp. Unfortunately for Sable, his first day at Amadronia quickly proves to him that this will not be the case. Play as Sable, an aspiring magic researcher, as he gets sucked into the daily lives and troubles of his demi-human classmates. Will Sable manage to survive at this clearly dysfunctional academy?

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