IPhoneIPhone 13: This is what the first reviews say

The first reviews of the iPhone 13 can be found on YouTube three days before the official release date. Here you can see how this product has been obtained so far and what critical points are already emerging.

First, let’s take a look at Eugene’s comment on the latest iPhone lineup. So far she has not only released an unboxing, but has already released a full review. However, it is mostly concentrated in the cameras of newer iPhone models.

First of all, she appreciates the fact that there is no difference between the Pro model’s camera and the Pro Max. This means users no longer have to choose the more expensive model.

Much praise for cinema and macro methods

She is interested in the macro mode of the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, which makes real intimacy possible on the iPhone. In addition, many invisible details can be captured here. This is a big improvement compared to the iPhone 12.

Then she demonstrates her new cinematic mode, in which she too is pleasantly surprised. The iPhone, for example, can use artificial intelligence to determine which part of the image to focus on, while cinema mode can actually replace high-quality cameras. This mode can also be used on the front camera.

It can positively rate HDR 4 because it changes colors so much. In addition, the object on the front can take photos directly in the sun without losing any of its detail.

Marx Brownlee is very important

Marx Brownlee released a video in which he opens new iPhones and describes his first recordings. The first thing he noticed was the improved battery life, which he considers a welcome improvement.

Like Eugene, he also appreciates the new cameras on the iPhone 13. However, there are some criticisms as well. For example, ProRes is not yet available and will only be submitted with an update.

He also criticizes that the camera automatically activates macro mode when you are close to an object. However, this cannot be turned off manually again, meaning that at some point the bokeh effect in the background is lost.

In addition, the cinema mode still does not trust him, because it is like a portrait for video recording and basically it is no different.

He complains that the peak of the iPhone 13 is small, but that Apple did not use the space it created to show more in the status bar. Therefore, it does not provide additional value. However, one can say about the display that it now offers the best display due to the 120 Hz refresh rate.

Margin on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Verge today released a review specifically for the iPhone 13 Pro models. Long battery life and new camera are also appreciated.

With the latter, improvements over the previous model were especially evident when taking pictures in night mode or with little light. However, sometimes, the pictures burn too much. Another point of criticism is that using the camera app on the iPhone is becoming more and more complicated.

As for the cinema mode, it can be said that it does not work well in dark lighting conditions. But even in bright photos, it can sometimes have problems focusing on objects. However, overall, this is the best camera system on a smartphone.

More reviews can be found here:

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