With a slew of AAA memory-hungry games on the horizon, like Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds and Cyberpunk 2077, your consoles are going to need more storage to house your games. Both the PS4 and Xbox One allow you to simply plug in any one of the hard drives we’ve listed below to a USB port on your console to expand your storage. 

The ability to extend your storage can get pretty expensive depending on the size you need. If time is no object, then we recommend waiting for some awesome external hard drive deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019.

PS4 and Xbox One have very similar requirements for external storage. Drives on both consoles must be USB 3.0 compatible and have a storage capacity no smaller than 256GB. Both consoles will reformat the external drives, which erases any prior data on those drives and locks out usage by other devices, like a PC.

On PS4, the capacity can be no greater than 8TB, although drives at that size are very expensive. On Xbox One, two external drives can be used simultaneously up to 16TB of storage. With those parameters in mind, here are the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One:

Credit: Toshiba, Sony

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