A new expansion for The Binding of Isaac is always exciting, but Repentance—supposedly the final one from creator Edmund McMillen—had some extra buzz. In late 2018, McMillen announced Repentance would be his swan song “for real this time.” After some fans were disappointed in Isaac’s previous expansion, Afterbirth+, Repentance held a lot of promise: it would be an adaptation of popular mod Antibirth with, in McMillen’s words, “a ton more content that will make you shit your butts!”

Now that Repentance is finally out, it’s definitely gotten the Isaac community fired up. Repentance adds more than 100 new enemies, 5,000 new room layouts, 130 new items and much more. There are some 300 gameplay changes, according to YouTuber IsaacGuru. Repentance also disrupts just about every accepted strategy players have built up over the last several years.

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