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It’s been a big few days for Ubisoft as the company just held a private beta session for The Division 2. The weekend event gave select players access to a few opening missions and open world activities as well as a taste of end game content like the redesigned Dark Zones as well as an invaded mission against the Black Tusks faction. With the game nearly one month away, Ubisoft has begun talking about the launch product and which console the game looks best on.

Following last week’s reveal of the special 1TB Division 2 Xbox One X bundle, Xbox’s Director of Programming, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, sat down with creative director Julian Gerighty to talk a bit more about the upcoming shooter. When discussing the specific enhancements that the game received on the Xbox One X, Gerighty revealed that the hardware enabled the team to get the most out of the game. Not only does that mean native 4K and HDR enhancements, but it’s also the crispest version available on console.

Naturally, consoles are a bit more restrictive than a PC since players can customize them, so those looking for the version with the most options should check out the PC version. Although the game was recently revealed to be coming to Epic Games Store rather than Steam, Ubisoft also showed off how customizable the game will be on PC. For computers that can handle it, players can opt for an uncapped framerate and display resolution. In addition, The Division 2 supports multiscreen or widescreen with variable refresh rates, HDR, and features a fully customizable UI and HUD.

Regardless of the platform or console version players plan on picking up for The Division 2, everyone will likely be seeing a sequel that improves upon the core gameplay and mechanics of its predecessor. Ubsioft hasn’t been shy about discussing the lessons learned from the first Division including having more endgame content available on launch day, a completely revamped Dark Zone experience, and a dedicated PvP component called Conflict. Eight player raids are also another big piece of that endgame puzzle, though players will have to wait a bit longer for these difficult missions to get added to the game for free.

The Division 2 releases March 15 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Inside Xbox

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