Turret for Xbox OneRazer
  • Gaming hardware company Razer announced the first official keyboard and mouse for the Xbox One console, called the Razer Turret.
  • Only 16 games are officially set to work with the Turret as of Wednesday, and it’ll cost a whopping $250.
  • Pre-orders are open now, with shipping estimated for March 31, 2019.
  • Allowing keyboard and mouse support on a game console where players primarily use a regular gamepad controller is a source of contention.

Gaming hardware and accessory company Razer announced the “Turret” on Wednesday, the first official keyboard and mouse designed specifically for the Xbox One console.

For some who prefer the good old-fashioned keyboard and mouse over console gamepad controllers for playing games, the news may seem like cause for celebration. It means you can finally use your preferred gaming control method on the couch with a powerful console that delivers better performance than an equivalently priced PC.

For others, Microsoft is making a controversial move to allow keyboard and mouse support on its games console.

There’s a whole debate over the speed and accuracy advantages of using a keyboard/mouse over a gamepad. Pit a keyboard/mouse gamer against a gamepad gamer in a match, and it’s likely the keyboard/mouse gamer will win. Some say that gamers who choose to use keyboards and mice on a console have an unfair advantage on a gaming platform where most players use controllers.

With that said, one of the games that will support Razer’s Turret is the massively popular “Fortnite,” a third-person-shooter game where players on any platform, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even Macs, can play together in the same online match. So far, there hasn’t been any massive upheavals regarding a PC player’s advantage with a keyboard and mouse over another player on console, or even on mobile, where the controls are arguably the most limited or difficult to use.

The Turret sports a $250 price tag, which is wildly expensive when Microsoft’s Xbox One controller goes for $50. Even Microsoft’s premium Elite Xbox One controller is less expensive at $150.

The Razer Turret is available for pre-order now from the Microsoft Store, and it’s estimated to start shipping March 31, 2019.

For now, you can check out the $250 Razer Turret and all it details below:

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