The digital card game world is fairly crowded. But the entrance of Magic: The Gathering Arena is somewhat unique because of its already well established player base. While Magic: The Gathering Arena might not be the easiest game for new players to approach, it does a great job of simulating the real game even if it is a little clunkier than other digital card games.

Magic: The Gathering has been around longer than I’ve been alive and there’s no real need to review the game itself. In short, the game is finely tuned, the art is great, the matches are well paced and the deck building is near perfect. Even though we won’t talk about balance and pure gameplay, we will talk about how the game has been translated into its digital format. Everything runs perfectly fine; the game is smooth, bug free from my hours of gameplay and relatively good looking. The biggest thing that might bother new players is the blocking system (which can be an odd concept for any player). Waiting for other players reactions online can make turns feel very long. This is a problem with Magic: The Gathering itself, not the digital format of the game. Even with that said, MTG Arena does the best it could with the blocking and targeting system. I do wish that the stats and the descriptions of the cards were enlarged a bit more. On tablets or PCs, it is easy to read, but on mobile devices, especially smaller ones, it can be extremely difficult to read cards.

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