Picture Credit: Capcom

Picture Credit: Capcom

The Ace Attorney series is one that kept me entertained for countless hours during my early to teenage years. For some time, I had wanted to become a courtroom official simply so I could inject myself into the real world of criminality and showdowns between defence attorneys and prosecutors. Then I came to realise that the magic conjured up by the Capcom games wasn’t really one that translated into real life. Still, my love for their video games carried on.

So, when I heard that the Western world would finally enjoy the release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on Nintendo Switch, I was excited, to say the very least.

Players for the first time step into the shoes of a descendant of Phoenix Wright – Ryunosuke Naruhodo – playing a role in fictional cases that often serve as a commentary for the time in which they take place: the late 19th century during Britain’s Victorian era and Japan’s Meiji Period. Across two games, there are 10 gripping tales to unravel, with a number of twists and turns around each corner.

These cases seem more grounded in reality than those that have come before, but that’s not to say that the characters involved are any less outlandish or comical as they have been in the past. Plus, along with the classic Courtroom and Investigation gameplay that fans of the series have become used to, there are new mechanics that aim to elevate the experience to the next level.

Picture Credit: Capcom

Picture Credit: Capcom

The first is the arrival of aptly-named character, Herlock Sholmes. Unlike the great detective from which he has drawn inspiration, Sholmes is notorious for getting the wrong end of the stick on a drastic level. With Sholmes, you conduct the Dance of Deduction where you must read through the detective’s conclusion, before ripping it apart and using previous pieces of evidence to correct him. It’s simple, easy to get the hang of and, beautifully shot.

Then there’s the Summation Examinations, in which players are asked to point out the specific inconsistencies amongst juror testimony, so that the trial can continue before coming to an unjust conclusion. It feels like a great idea in theory but, quickly becomes more of a chore than an exciting new feature. Some of the cases in which it is deployed for example, you wish would come to an end rather than go on for another hour or so.

Still, when you do have to slog through a meaty case, it’s not all bad news. The writing is amongst the best the series has seen, bringing a more grounded and realistic approach to proceedings.

If you’ve got some hours to burn and a penchant for justice, then The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is amongst the best titles you can pick up. A real treat that will be hard to emulate in future releases.

Picture Credit: Capcom

Picture Credit: Capcom

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC. A code was given to Female First for the game on Nintendo Switch in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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