Aside from guessing what other ports might appear on PC, gamers expressed relief that Sony made the decision to share some former exclusives. One PC gamer noted that some people can’t afford an expensive console, but likely already have a PC. “Besides if you’re anything like me, Keyboard Mouse is more comfortable for some games like FPS,” they added. 

Another PlayStation gamer wondered if PlayStation accounts would sync with PCs, making players’ preexisting libraries available to them on a different platform. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and excited gamers are dreaming of the stars, predicting great things from Sony’s decision to release more PlayStation exclusives on PC.

Steam might be making a similar jump in the future. Valve has hinted at plans to release some Steam-exclusive games on consoles in the future. While most of the information surrounding Steam’s future plans remains speculation, gamers feel excited about the possibilities.

Of course, some diehard PlayStation fans haven’t been too pleased with Sony’s decision to expand its offerings to PCs. It’s possible, but unlikely, that PlayStation’s expansion to PC will provide some direct competition for the PS5 or future PlayStation consoles. After all, console and PC gaming are somewhat different markets.

Sony hasn’t responded to the discrepancy on its Steam page, but it’s looking very possible that the company might be gearing up to announce more PC content soon.

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