We’ve been joking that if the Steam Deck were a console, it’d have the best console launch lineup in history. Over two decades, Steam has grown from a Counter-Strike updater to PC gaming’s Library of Alexandria: the largest single collection of major and minor PC games in one client. And all of those games will be available for purchase and download on Valve’s handheld PC.

They won’t necessarily all run on a Steam Deck out of the box, though. Valve’s Proton compatibility software makes Windows games work on SteamOS (the Linux-based operating system Steam Decks ship with), but it isn’t a universal solution. Unless something changes before Steam Decks start shipping in December, Destiny, Apex, PUBG, and Siege won’t work on it. There’s also processing power to consider. Based on what we know about the Steam Deck’s specs, we think something like Cyberpunk 2077 could make it sweat, though Valve says that the little machine has handled everything it’s thrown at it.

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