The independent developer 2054 Games continues in the process of creating your adventure The Sundew, A real retro-futuristic tribute to the great classics Point & Click like those published in its day by the defunct LucasArts, planning to visit the eShop of the hybrid console during the next summerEven without being able to specify the exact day. Meanwhile has shown a trailer that will surely awaken some nostalgia, which brings us to a future cyberpunk where the most advanced androids have replaced robots from previous generations, which does not mean that some of them continue to fulfill police functions that our protagonist Anna Isobe. Will we be able to continue doing our job of serving and protecting honored citizens?

The Sundew Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Inspired by the classic adventure games point and click LucasArts and Wadjet Eye Games, The Sundew honors those with its gameplay, style and narrative. Pixel-art beautifully drawn, stunning sound design minimalist and interactivity overflowing environments atmosphere and a compact and exciting history gives life to this future dark and puts you in a vision of the progress of humanity that is both strange time and strangely family …

You are Anna Isobe, a cybernetically enhanced cop in a world that has left you behind. Once they were bright hope for the future, cyborgs have become taboo, replaced by drones and robots that make even improved your skills are obsolete. Trapped in a thankless job surrounded by indifferent eyes, you still have a duty to protect and serve, and that’s exactly what you do.


Guide to Anna Isobe, a cyborg cop with a dark past, through the outcome of a global conspiracy. Experience a diverse cast of characters, each with their own secrets and story. Explore Shibukawa and the remains of the old world. Make decisions that will change the destiny of humanity, for better or for worse.

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