The global gaming industry is hugely profitable and as it continues to grow, new gaming trends continue to emerge. In recent years, gaming on mobile has seen a significant rise in popularity as the quality of games and the technology used to play them improves year on year.

Last year the global gaming market grew by almost 20% and is now worth around $175 billion dollars. It has been predicted that in two years’ time the industry could reach a value of $217 billion, with much of this revenue coming from mobile games.

But why mobile?

There are a number of factors that have impacted the popularity of games in this sector. One is the worldwide rollout of the 5G network, although it is yet to reach some parts of the world, those that do have are enjoying greatly improved download speeds.

By 2023, nearly 45% of the world’s smartphones will be able to access the 5G network.

Mobile gaming is also increasing in popularity due to early issues being resolved. Many gamers found the amount of advertising and lack of data privacy to be a big concern.

Recently, tech giant Apple has removed Identifier for Advertisers through an iOS update. The benefit of this being that data is more private and advertisers will find it more difficult to run targeted ads.

Apple has also made changes to game distribution. Small game developers will now only lose 15% instead of 30% of the revenue they make through app store downloads.

This has made it easier for small games companies to get their games on the market, meaning we will continue to see a rise of new, fun games that will attract more mobile players.

The App store is likely to see more games appear from smaller gaming companies due to the new announcement that the percentage of revenue loss has been cut.

There are already a huge number of games that can be played on mobile, either through the internet browser or by downloading an app. Here are some of popular game categories and top games available to try out:

Simulation games

A popular type of mobile game is simulation games, these are great for having fun and escaping reality for a little while. The free game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is in the top of the charts for this app category.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, players must build themselves and their friends a campsite and take part in activities including fishing, gathering fruit, collecting bugs and crafting furniture. Due to the fun, easy-going nature of this type of game, it’s perfect for both adults and younger players.

Other great simulation games on mobile include, The Sims, Football Manager and SimCity. Many of these types of games began as PC or console games, but as they grew in popularity, developers found that mobile is a great way of increasing accessibility and convenience for players. There was also a market shift and these types of games were demanded on mobile devices as many more turned to mobile phones to play their favourite games.

Online Slots

In the past, if you wanted to enjoy a slot machine game you would have to go out and find a local casino to play in. Luckily, the casino industry has kept up with the times and now many of your favourite slots games can be played from your mobile or PC.

There is a huge range of apps in your app store that include slot games, or many of the websites you play on your laptop are also optimised for phone use. These exciting games come in many different themes, from classics such as Fruit Blast and Rainbow Riches to spooky titles like Nightmare on Elm Street and Hexbreaker.

If you have an account with an online slot provider, you will usually be able to log in on whichever device you have to hand. This means that you continue to use your free spins to earn rewards if you change devices.

Racing games

For gamers looking for something a little more fast paced and thrilling, racing and motorsport games are a good choice on mobile. Players can steer their race car or motorbike through tilting their smartphone, meaning no extra equipment is required.

One of the most highly rated racing games is Mario Kart Tour, which features an online multiplayer mode that allows you to connect and compete with friends. While the game is free, you can opt to pay for extras such as additional characters or gems.

Mario Kart allows players to connect and compete against friends all on a mobile device.

Mario Kart on mobile is popular with both long-time fans of the original game series and younger audiences that are too young to have played on the Super Nintendo or Gameboy Advance.

New mobile game innovations are being released all of the time. A few years ago, the augmented reality game Pokémon Go made headlines around the world. Using AR technology, the game’s map is integrated with real world locations and encourages players to physically walk around to catch different Pokémon.

Other types of mobile games popular with players are brain training and educational games, battle royales and first person shooters. As smartphone graphics and processing capabilities have come a long way in recent years, the quality and variety of games has only gotten better and we should expect to see a lot more developed games entering the app stores soon!

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