The Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster is the biggest in the series. The first game featured 12 Nintendo characters fighting each other. Now, Smash boasts a roster of more than 80 characters including DLC characters. The game also doesn’t just feature Nintendo characters anymore. Characters from different franchises have come to join the fight. This includes iconic figures such as Ryu, Sonic, and Pac-Man.

So far, a slew of DLC characters has been added. Everyone from Banjo-Kazooie to Kazuya has been included in the game. Some of the franchises represented include Metal Gear Solid, Persona, and Bayonetta. There’s nothing wilder than watching Kazuya fight Pikachu while Joker shoots them with a gun from far away.

With their inclusion, it proved that any character can make an appearance. Smash Bros. has one spot left for a DLC character. So the question remains: who’s the next Smash character? Here are five potential characters that can still be included in the game.

5. Chun-Li – The Least Likely Next Smash Character

chun-li in fortnite

Street Fighter already has two of their characters in Smash Bros. Both Ryu and Ken have made the roster. However, there’s one notable Street Fighter character that’s missing and it’s Chun-Li. Arguably the most iconic woman in video game history, Chun-Li deserves to be on the roster. Since her debut in Street Fighter 2, she has remained a popular figure in pop culture. Smash Bros. is a who’s who of iconic characters and Chun-Li would fit right in.

She has been included in two movies and was the main character of one of them. She has been referenced in songs, most notably by rapper Nicki Minaj.

Her fast and powerful kicks would make for cool moves. Not to mention her kikoken projectile would come in handy against other fighters. However, Street Fighter already has two representatives in the game. So, Chun-Li is the least likely character on this list to make it in the game. However, the possibility can’t be ruled out. Even if she’s not the final Smash DLC character, she’ll eventually make it to the series.

4. Lara Croft

Female Heroes

Another iconic woman in gaming, Lara Croft could be a possibility. First introduced in 1996, Lara is the star of the Tomb Raider series. She’s an archaeologist who gets into dangerous situations and is another mainstay in popular culture. Three Tomb Raider films have been made, with Angelina Jolie starring in two of them. A fourth movie is currently in the works.

As an adventurer, Lara knows how to fight. She knows how to use various items and weapons. These include guns, a bow and arrow, and a climbing ax. It’s not unheard of a Smash character to use any of these weapons. Joker uses a gun, and Link uses a bow and arrow. With her diverse weapon set, Lara would make for an interesting inclusion. Also, a stage taking place in hidden ruins sounds great.

3. Crash Bandicoot

Super Smash Bros. features several mascot characters. This includes Mario, Pac-Man, and Sonic. A name missing from this list is Crash Bandicoot. He was seen as PlayStation’s mascot in his early years although that’s no longer the case. However, Crash still deserves to have a spot alongside the other characters. Especially since the character and the series have caught their second wind. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was released just last year.

Crash can jump and spin his way into being the next Smash character, and it would make sense. Including music from the Crash series to Super Smash Bros. sounds incredible. Not to mention the stage that would be created based on the Crash universe. Characters such as Coco and Doctor Neo could make appearances as assist trophies.

2. Scorpion

Scorpion Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already has numerous fighting game characters. Fighting game franchises such as Tekken, Street Fighter, and Fatal Fury are represented in the game. One big omission is the iconic Mortal Kombat. One of the most popular and influential series, Mortal Kombat needs to be in Smash. It’s no secret that Mortal Kombat is an M-rated game with tons of violence. However, it could be possible for Nintendo to tone a character to add them to the game.

If they were to do that, Scorpion would be the perfect candidate. The unofficial mascot of Mortal Kombat, everyone knows Scorpion. He’s on the covers and trailers of a lot of Mortal Kombat games. Plus, his moveset is unique and would stand out. Although Scorpion is very violent, it’s not completely wild to think he could be added.

There are characters in Smash that use guns or missiles. Some characters use weapons such as swords and bows and arrows. Even Mario already burns people with his fireballs. Scorpion could easily be the next Smash DLC character.

Even if Scorpion is deemed to be too violent, they could add another Mortal Kombat character. Although they’re all violent, some can be toned down more than others. Other substitutes could include Sub-Zero or Liu Kang.

1. Waluigi – Most Likely Next Smash Character?

Waluigi Smash Bros

A character that people have loudly been asking for is Waluigi. What started as a joke has turned serious and fans want to see him added to the game. First appearing in Mario Tennis, he’s partners with Wario and the archnemesis of Luigi. Since then, he’s appeared in numerous Mario games. He’s even been included in Smash as an assist trophy.

Except it’s about time we get Waluigi as a playable character. If Piranha Plant can be added to the game, who’s to say that Waluigi can’t? Although it’s unclear what his moves would be, Nintendo can figure out how to make him interesting. With so many people requesting for him to be in the game, it would be fitting for Waluigi to be the final Smash DLC character.

Although this is just speculation, one of these may be the next Smash character. We won’t find out for a while, but it’ll be worth the wait. Check out more stories such as Top 10 Venom Movie and TV Appearances, Ranked, and Bitlife: How to Burgle and Rob a House.

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