We are living in a golden age for gaming across all platforms. As this article details, there’s a diverse range of triple-A games coming to console and PC gamers this year, but the ongoing story across the industry is that mobile gaming is taking over.

While the likes of Pokémon Go, Candy Crush, and the Clash series are the headline-snatchers, the sector as a whole has been able to flourish through its unique appeal: convenience. As you can read in this piece, mobile games are portable, low-cost, and encourage developers through a friendly development process which could result in a game as popular as the big-name console titles.

Convenience is king, and the online casino market was quick to recognise the trends of gaming going mobile. However, with so many products suited for web browsers, it took a lot of time for popular gambling games like blackjack to have a strong mobile offering due to the need to convert the games. Now, operators and developers have adapted, as you can see here, with the best mobile blackjack apps presenting a much-enhanced and mobile-friendly offering to gamers.

But why has mobile blackjack become so strong in recent years, and how do blackjack apps continue to improve?

The surge in mobile gaming demands attention

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As of the 2018 forecasts that you can review here, NewZoo finds that mobile gaming accounts for nearly half of the global games market, with $63.2 billion in revenue. Most impressive is its continued increase in year-on-year growth, boasting 12.8 per cent at the end of 2018. The vast majority of this revenue came via smartphones rather than tablets, with smartphone gaming revenues reaching $50 billion.

Parallels can be drawn between the changing state of the gaming industry and the changing state of the gambling industry. In the UK alone, the gambling industry made £14.4 billion in gross gambling yield in 2018, with 37.5 per cent coming from the remote sector. The remote sector, as shown in this report, saw a 13.7 per cent increase in gross gambling yield from the year before.

Mobile gaming continues to surge, which is why online casinos have been so quick to adapt and bring in a mobile offering. It started with making the ‘lite’ mobile websites, but few could handle more than a few games. The blackjack section was always one of the first to make it onto a mobile website, but play could be awkward and cumbersome. In the gambling sector, mobile gaming really started to take off when it adopted apps.

It’s all about the applications

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The mobile internet made finding information very convenient, and while playing online browser games like blackjack was possible, it was rarely an enjoyable experience. So, online casinos changed their strategy and began releasing specialised apps for players to download and use for playing blackjack. As explained right here, apps allow for personalisation, easy payments in a secure space, can hold more features than a mobile website, and, above all else, are the preference of the users.

Blackjack sites started moving to apps a long time ago, but thanks to the increased attention placed on mobile gaming, more developers are transforming their classic titles to being mobile-friendly while others are developing games with a mobile-first mentality.

Developers now understand the capability of apps and the current level of smartphones, allowing them to make even better blackjack games for mobile gamers. This is epitomised by live casino game developers making the heavy live-streamed interactive games of blackjack available on mobile devices.

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