They cheered. Bungie split off from Activision this week, taking control of the Destiny franchise with them, and staff reportedly cheered when the announcement was made. If that doesn’t tell you everything about the Bungie/Activision relationship circa 2019, I’m not sure what else to add.

But I do have some thoughts. You’ll find them below, along with a bevy of other news this week—including a new Metro Exodus story trailer, delays for Tropico 6 and Dead or Alive 6, free Edith Finch and Fallout, Paradox acquiring Prison Architect, and more. It’s been a really busy week.

This is gaming news for January 7 to 11.

Edith Finch, freed

Epic’s still giving away games to promote the new Epic Games Store, and the latest is a big one: What Remains of Edith Finch, a.k.a. our 2017 PCWorld Game of the Year. Telling the story of the ill-fated Finch family across multiple generations, it’s one of the most creative games of the past decade. Saying more would ruin the experience, and given the fact it’s free? You really have no excuse not to try it at this point.

Head over to Edith Finch’s store page, create an Epic account, and click the big blue button to add it to your account anytime between now and January 25.

You can also get A Story About My Uncle for free if you sign up for Humble’s newsletter by 1 p.m. Eastern on Saturday.

A new hope

That bit of bookkeeping out of the way, let’s jump to the week’s biggest news: Bungie and Activision’s divorce proceedings.

We loved Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion last fall, but Activision was apparently less keen on it—particularly its sales numbers, which were lower than expected. Blame it on Destiny 2’s weak first year, blame it on Forsaken doubling down on the hardcore audience, either way it was clear Activision and Bungie’s relationship was souring. Worse, it seemed like Bungie and Activision had different, competing views for where the series should go next.

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