Untitled Goose Game was undeniably one of the biggest gaming phenomenons of 2019. Its well-received gameplay aside, the simple ingenuity of having players make a low poly goose terrorize a small English town pretty much single-handedly made the game a hit. Its initial release for PC and Switch helped it reach a reasonably wide audience, but it’s no surprise that, after the online phenomenon that was Goose Game, developers House House might want to see the goose on even more platforms.

Thanks to some digital sleuthing, there’s now confirmation that Untitled Goose Game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One and quite possibly very soon. A blog published by Xbox achievement tracking tool TrueAchievements was first to report that the game would be coming to Xbox One with a full list of in-game achievements.

Their report claims that the game will be arriving on December 17th. It will include Xbox One X support for 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Goose Game for the Xbox will take up 1GB of storage space and includes 25 achievements totaling a Gamerscore of 1,000. 15 of the 25 achievements are secret, though they will look familiar to anyone who’s reached Goose Game‘s postgame.

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Cross-platform achievement tracking tool Exophase has also published a list of trophies for a PS4 release of Goose Game. Understandably, they are identical to the Xbox achievements. However, there are no further details about the file size, PS4 Pro support, or release date of its PlayStation counterpart.

House House first announced its hope to port the game to Xbox and Playstation back in October. At that time, an employee of Panic (the publisher for Goose Game) expressed that the developers were considering the possibility of a mobile version.

Given that the game’s achievements and trophies have surfaced online -and that the reported release date is in less than two weeks-, it’s very likely that there will be an official announcement of both ports in the near future. Until then, keep an eye on all goose-related news leading up to December 17th.

Source: Eurogamer

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