The Nintendo Switch consoles have a maximum of 64GB of native storage, which isn’t a lot of you have a library of digital games.

Most gamers fill the drive pretty quickly, which is why the micro SD card slot is essential for keeping more games available.

Amazon US is currently offering a fantastic deal on a massive 256GB microSD card that’s compatible with all Nintendo Switch models. The Samsung EVO Select is just $17.99, which is a 55% discount on the $39.99 list price.

Switch storage sale gets you an extra 256GB

Switch storage sale gets you an extra 256GB

You can get a 256GB microSD card from Samsung for just $17.99 and save 55% on the $39.99 asking price.

  • Amazon US
  • Was $39.99
  • Now $17.99

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That should be more than enough space to redownload all of the games you’ve downloaded from the Nintendo eShop over the years, so you don’t have to pick and choose before you go on a long flight, for instance.

Read and write speeds are also important to consider when you’re buying a microSD card and this SDXC version offers 130MB/s. It’s plug and play too, so it’s fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Of course, it’s not only compatible with the Nintendo Switch, but a versatile piece of kit for all devices with a microSD slot.

Amazon reviewers are certainly happy with this product with a 4.7-star out of 5 rating from more than 52,000 sales. Given Nintendo has just released The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, this is the perfect time to give yourself a little more storage flexibility moving forward.

Considering the game itself is 16GB in size, that’ll take up more than half the available storage on a standard Nintendo Switch console, you may wish to give yourself a little leeway on the cheap with this awesome microSD deal.

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