Valheim came out of the gate swinging in all aspects, Purchases, Positive player views and a tremendous value for money spent.

Valheim itself is utterly gorgeous with cost in mind, as of today I have logged over 40 hours of playtime on both single-player servers and joined multiple adventures with fellow Viking enthusiasts. Journeying from the safe and nestled grasslands, cuddled with a bounty of trees for harvest and boars aplenty, to the cold harsh mountainside fighting wolves, which would eventually be tamed to become my own. Eventually, I made my way onto the swamplands to battle the Draugr where I would find slimes to harvest and that sweet, sweet iron to craft my glorious Longship. My fellow brethren and I could then conquer the open ocean and chase down the elusive and deadly Sea Serpent for its bountiful loot of scales and meat for crafting. With future biomes in my sight, I look forward to the upcoming challenges and adversarial obstacles in the form of bosses/gods that stand in my way pushing forward!

There has yet to be a day playing Valheim that has made me regret playing this game, the enjoyable playtime that I have had so far has FAR exceeded a $20 investment. Valheim continues to prove that there are always new methods and tactics to learn that improve the gameplay experience even further. From multiple Biomes, each with their own Weather and combative enemies, crafting loot, or facing architectural landscape challenges the obstacles are endless. As a novice builder myself I tend to have trouble building straightforward cottages, but the steam Valheim community uploads daily content showing the true magnitude of potential that this game holds.

The drove of servers that are created daily, from single-player to an all-out clan-based style is an inspiring sight echoing the massive volume of sales it had over the first week. It was a tense waiting game to see in what favor the response from the gaming community would turn out. 4 million purchases later the game has openly shown that there is no nervousness or hesitation holding back the spread of this Viking madness.

Regardless of all the hype, there are a few things that stand out in Valheim that I believe the developers have done impressively with little to no bugs or glitches:

The building system is not a cookie-cutter place and stack system like other similar titles. You can tell there was depth put into the building process making the builder think out its design and development methods to better their own longhouse. Each craft gives you more confidence to be better, build bigger, and upgrade defenses for when a horde of goblins attempts to breach your door!

The combat is very straightforward and takes very little time to pick up. Vikings will focus less on an intense button or ability rotation but rather simply block, swing, shoot, and if you are lucky drink from the skulls of your slain enemies… not always in that order.

Consumables/crafting – Valheim brings a simple yet extensive crafting list to the front of its building and progression dependency, Want a stronger sword? You need a forge and better materials. Need that armor you saw a brother wearing? You need more crafting essentials like an anvil or sharpening stone. Your gear is a result of the time you put into making it.

To say the least this game is a great pick-up judging by the content that has already been released and from what Iron Gate Studios plans on releasing in the future. If you are looking for a game that will be a consistent joy to play with friends and challenge your inner architect do not hesitate… join the Viking horde and push for glory and gold! There are countless ways to play this game and with coming patches, there will be more enemies to slay, more areas to conquer, and bosses to defeat! BRING ON THE PILLAGING.

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