I’m quite excited for December between Doom Eternal and the Bit Trip games. The Bit Trip series is just about as close to perfect as I think any series of games can be. Those games are art without a doubt. Played the heck out of them on Wii and 3DS, and I’ll gladly revisit them on Switch. Core is my favorite game in the series. Something about the rhythm of the songs and the accompanying backgrounds is just mesmerizing to me. Freaking love the songs in stage 2 (Exploration) and stage 3 (Control) of Core. I love Void too. Very abstract and surreal but also very addictive. Anybody else a Bit Trip junkie like me?

The developers also hinted on Twitter that Runner 2 is coming (said “Stay tuned” when asked about it). Hope it’s not far behind.

I’m also grabbing Fire Emblem in the hopes that we get more games localized. I’d love it if we ended up getting the Jugdral games and Binding Blade localized.

Oh and then there’s John Wick Hex. I love the films, and I’ve heard Hex is a pretty fun game. I do enjoy strategy games, so I’ll give it a look.

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