Four firefighters stand in a line wearing different fire suits. Photo: screenshot of video posted by The Beijing News

Ever tried to recreate an online game scene in the real world? China’s fire and rescue bureau of the emergency management department posted a video mimicking the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, via its official account on Sina Weibo.

At the beginning of the video, four firefighters from a fire station in Weixian county, North China’s Hebei Province, stand in a line wearing different fire suits: An emergency rescue suit, a fire fighting suit, a light chemical protective suit, and a fire insulation suit, waiting for the players to select one. 

Viewers can then see a first-person perspective of a firefighter descending from above and running into a building to pick up a fire suit, a fire helmet and a fire belt after landing. After equipping himself, the firefighter picks up a hydraulic monitor, connecting it to a fire truck and putting out a fire in the center of a yard. The firefighter’s score finally appears with a slogan “Winner Winner No Firefighter.” The video has been viewed over five million times as of Thursday.
Newspaper headline: Firefighters video goes viral

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