It’s tempting to slip into Warhammer ork-talk when writing about dogfighting game Dakka Squadron, subjecting you to several hundred words of, “Oi, lissen! Dis ‘ere game iz da most orkiest fing evva because, wot it is, when you just zoggin’ fink about it for a minute, is a fing wot ‘as bin built from scrap an’ probably only holds togevva because some git believed in it real ‘ard like.”

I’ll spare you any more, but imagine a game that talks to you like that in every mission briefing, every upgrade menu, and every bit of audio chatter congratulating you on blowing up another turret. Now you understand the agony and the ecstasy of Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron. The voice actors do creditable ork and gretchin voices, for sure. Your radio operator is supposed to sound like a squeaky little jumped-up Cockney, but he shouts one of his handful of barks every time you shoot down anything, and 90 percent of what you do in Dakka Squadron is shoot things down.

(Image credit: Phosphor Game Studios)

Dakka Squadron is arcade flight combat of the aggressively straightforward kind. It’s not a game that expects you to own a joystick—it doesn’t even play real well on gamepad, thanks to barrel rolls and boost all being mapped to directions on the right-stick so sensitively that I often StarFox off to the side and slam into a cliff-face when I want to speed up. I’ve been playing with mouse and keyboard instead, which works fine.

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