To contrast with the white wrap, WCC sprayed the various exterior trim components and rims in black. The nine-spoke alloys have a blue lip that matches the roof. Even though the outside looks ready, there’s still plenty of work to be done inside, which is arguably the highlight of this custom van.

“It’s got a lot of woodworking, a lot of fiberglass, and a lot of wiring. There’s just a lot of work,” adds Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs. It’s hard to imagine the finished product when you see the stripped-out interior, but the experts at WCC are capable of great things.

The interior trimmings have been sprayed white to match the swathes of leather that adorn the rear compartment. A black background highlights a prominent, backlit PlayStation logo that acts as an eye-catching backdrop.

PlayStation’s symbols are a recurring theme inside, with the iconic triangle, circle, square, and cross patterns adorning the seats and roof lining.

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