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The Xbox Series X and Series S launched mid-November, to the delight of everyone who was able to preorder them in Australia. For everyone else, the consoles are unfortunately in a strange state of limbo, with global distribution issues causing long-term stock shortages into 2021 and beyond.

The consoles are currently sold out at all physical stores, with new stock arriving at a nebulous future date. Here’s how the biggest Aussie retailers are faring with the Xbox Series X and Series S, and when you can expect new consoles to be available for preorder or purchase.

Update: Added new information about current Xbox Series X stock levels.

Where You Can Buy A Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S In Australia

Microsoft Store

Image: Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is pretty good about having stock of the Xbox Series S, although the Xbox Series X comes and goes. Stock of the Xbox Series X has dropped recently however, and you can try your luck right here. Here’s the Xbox Series S if you’re after the baby console.


Telstra’s Xbox All Access program lets existing Telstra customers purchase an Xbox Series X or Series S bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee over a two-year period. It costs $46 per month to own an Xbox Series X and $33 a month to own an Xbox Series S.

In an update to press at the end of April, Telstra advised that they had just received new Xbox Series X consoles.

“New stock of Xbox Series X just landed in Australia and is available on to add on with Xbox All Access (XAA) plans for Telstra customers,” a Telstra representative said in a statement.

Some Telstra stores will also have limited stock in-store, but Telstra recommends calling your local store to check beforehand.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman doesn’t have any the Xbox Series X stock right now. If you want something sooner, the Xbox Series S is still available.

Amazon Australia

Amazon doesn’t have stock of the Xbox Series X, but the X Series S is available. You’ll get the Series S delivered on Saturday with Amazon Prime, or by early next week if you prefer free shipping.

You can buy a spare controller from Amazon as well. And don’t forget to check out how you can use the Xbox Series S (or X!) as a great emulation device.

JB Hi-Fi

JB’s Xbox Series X stock has been hard to come by — no surprise — but there’s plenty of Xbox Series S consoles available. If you’re jonesying for the bigger Xbox Series X, your best chance is to call up your local JB Hi-Fi store and check with the staff. Stores have been taking in-store preorders whenever more consoles come in, so here’s where you can find the number for your closet JB.

The Gamesmen

The Gamesmen are currently sold out of the Xbox Series X, but they do have stock of the Xbox Series S.

EB Games

Image: Reddit/Stealingyourpixels

At this current time, both of the Xbox Series X and Series S don’t appear to be in stock at EB Games.


The Xbox Series X and Series S is completely sold out at Target. While the company’s website indicates stock will return at a later date, there’s no current ETA.

Big W

You can order the Xbox Series S with Big W here. The Xbox Series X is listed as “coming soon” but it’s not available for order.


Much like the PS5, the Xbox Series X and Series S are currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Kogan.

You can set up a personal email notification for when they’re back in stock.

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