Back in 2014 we wrote an article about an imaginary E3 PC gaming press conference, an event that would put the PC on stage with the same kind of spotlight that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft’s consoles got year after year. PC gaming was in strong shape by 2014, and it’s in far stronger shape now (it even has its own E3 press conference, the PC Gaming Show!), but the PC has always lacked a singular figurehead or a mascot to call its own. It’s great that no single company steers PC gaming. It’s open to everyone. But it would be nice to have a mascot.

Mascots are just fun. They lend personality to faceless corporations, and in the best cases, they end up serving as a north star to guide them. Nintendo wouldn’t have its particular approach to joyful, family friendly games without Mario defining its image. Sure, Nintendo makes billions of dollars off Mario merchandise, too, but his global popularity makes him a welcoming gateway to Nintendo’s legacy. PC gaming doesn’t have a character like that.

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