World Flipper Pinball RPG Mobile Game Now Globally Available on App Store and Google Play

The pinball adventure RPG mobile game, World Flipper, by Kakao Games and Cygames, is now available on all iOS and Android devices. The game has been released in Japan since 2019 and since then has only been playable in Japanese. Today is the first day the game is available worldwide and is playable in English, Spanish, French, Korean, German, and Thai languages. The game features an energetic, upbeat fusion of EDM and chiptune music along with a unique art style that combines 2D pixels and anime. In order to celebrate the game’s Grand-opening, Kakao games is doing a giveaway of $2,750 in Amazon Gift Cards in North America, South America, and Europe from September 8-24th. Players are able to enter six different ways in order to win. Here is a link to the rules and info in case you are interested in entering.

The story follows a young boy, Alk, and a young girl, Stella, as they travel through new worlds defeating evil and darkness alongside their new friend, Light, a fallen hero who has been transformed into a sort of rabbit-human hybrid by the darkness. During the gameplay, the pinball levels challenge players to aim and shoot their characters towards their enemies until they are defeated. While this is happening, the characters might take damage while they are flying around the screen by attacks from the enemy. In addition, there is a time challenge aspect to the levels. The faster you are able to beat the level, the better the score, and players can even work to beat their previous time. Characters are collectible and can be summoned using gems earned throughout the levels. Once added to your team, you can evolve and enhance characters in certain skills in order to gain more power and defeat higher-level bosses. Each character belongs to one of six elemental classes that determine which skills they are able to gain. Below is the official trailer to World Flipper.

Download World Flipper now on the Apple Store and Google Play today!


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