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Although today the stigma that exists against video games has diminished, it has not disappeared completely and it was a matter of time before someone saw the rise of this form of entertainment in times of the pandemic from a negative perspective. This weekend, it emerged the article by Matt Richtel, published in The New York Times, which addresses the increase in hours of play since last year and that this is setting off the alarms of parents and specialists. The community did not try to respond and even the creator of Xbox did the same to defend the young protagonist of the article.

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Xbox Creator Responds To New York Times Article About Video Games

Through a publication on his official Twitter account, Seamus Blackley, creator of the first Xbox, launched himself in defense of a minor who, along with his parents, was the protagonist of the article Children’s Screen Time Has Soared in the Pandemic, Alarming Parents and Researchers that ignited the spirits of the players. According to Blackley, 14-year-old James Reichert was ridiculed by the press globally and that is something that should not be tolerated. He even asked the Twitter community for help so that someone could send him the contact information to send him a special package and make him feel good after the publication of the article that has been around the world.

Although the content of the article in The New York Times is not different from what has been said against video games for many years, what bothered the community and people in general was the image that is promoted about video games, symbolized by the young Reichert who holds a control, wears headphones and is accompanied by his parents, whose facial expressions denote annoyance and frustration. Likewise, the community criticized the fact that the alleged phrase that the father said to him on New Year’s Day was highlighted: “I have failed you as a father.”

What’s your opinion about it? Will the stigma against video games return now that they are more popular than ever?

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