It’s even cheaper than planting them in front of Netflix all day.

Entertain the family for only $1 over school holidays? Impossible, you say. Maybe if we were in olden times and $1 was the equivalent of $1000, you say.

OK so there is a catch – it has to do with screen time – but it’s summer, it’s hot and everyone needs a break, including you.

So what is it? Xbox’s monthly subscription service is $1 for the first month. BOOM. Start dreaming about all that money you’re going to save and all the time you can spend putting your feet up and maybe doing some holiday reading.

 Yes, there are screen time limits

Don’t worry, it’s not a Call of Duty free-for-all. Xbox One has robust parental controls so you can set the ratings of games they can access and limit their screen time. That means 30 minutes of Xbox followed by 30 minutes of tidying up that pigsty of a room, followed by 30 minutes of making dinner for the family. A parent can dream, right?

The games that young kids can play under the “general” rating are excellent. Try Rocket League, a soccer-aerial-rocket-car mash-up that’s one part exciting, one part bizarre. Super Lucky’s Tale follows the adventures of a cute little fox, and Banjo Kazooie stars a bird and a bear.  


The platform has over 100 games to choose from. Photo: supplied

Video games have a positive effect on family bonding

Skeptical that a month of playing video games could actually be good for kids? According to a survey by Telstyle Digital Consumer, 49 per cent of parents reported that sharing a digital experience had a positive effect on family bonding.

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that costs $1 for the first month. It’s $10.95 a month after that. To sign up and get access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, go to the Xbox website.

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