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The leaders of Mobius Digital, the authors of that indie gem that responds to the name of Outer Wilds, indicate in the subscription services such as the Xbox Game Pass the key to the success of the video games of the future, especially with a view to a merger of the digital entertainment with that of cinema and TV.

During an event organized by in Montreal, Loan Verneau explained, as Mobius Co-Creative Lead, that “We are on Xbox Game Pass with Outer Wilds and it is something really fantastic. I think it has led many users to know a game that otherwise they would not have approached”.

Starting from the example provided by the success of Outer Wilds testified by both the sales and the nominations received for the victory of the Game of the Year 2019 of the main industry events, Verneau continues in his speech by declaring how “I think services like the Game Pass have been a big change. In the same way that this kind of service has changed the way we enjoy television and film content, these subscriptions will also have a very significant impact on the entire video game industry. We are already starting to see it and maybe it will be thanks to these services that even stranger and more original games and genres will start to emerge in the market that, previously, it would have been risky to launch “.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Mobius Games’ latest sci-fi effort, we recommend you read our review of Outer Wilds.

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