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Although 2020 represented a difficult year for the video game industry, like many labor sectors it had to find a way to continue with its operations and thus continued to progress through working from home. Thanks to this, 2021 will not be a year without premieres, but there are already several scheduled and among the companies that attract the most attention is Microsoft, which has already revealed its list, which is extensive and which apparently will be even more.

Microsoft revealed all the premieres that will take place during 2021 and that Xbox users could enjoy on Xbox consoles or some even on PC. The list was long, but a developer at Electronic Arts hinted that Microsoft is preparing a few surprises.

Did you doubt the information of the developer of Electronic Arts? You are right, after all, these are unofficial details and we always invite you to take them as something unofficial. However, you should know that these rumors have just been reinforced, as information came to light that indicates that, in effect, Xbox prepares more exclusive and surprise game launches for this year.

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There are at least 2 exclusives that Microsoft hasn’t announced

We know this thanks to Windows Central journalist Jez Corden who in the most recent broadcast of The Xbox Two podcast mentioned that there are “2 great games that are not on that list”, which means that they will only be announced, but will also debut in 2021. However, the informant did not reveal which games he was talking about, as he does not want to ruin the surprise that the Xbox teams are preparing.

Taking into account that we do not know anything about these supposed games, it is normal to think that we should know about them soon, since, as they are important titles, there should be enough time to generate excitement and that this translates into sales, since launches of This caliber is not advertised and is released within a short time.

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What do you think of this information? What surprise game do you think Microsoft will announce and launch in 2021? Tell us in the comments.

Since we are talking about Xbox exclusives, we inform you that thanks to the backward compatibility between all its systems (from the first Xbox), it is possible to play one of the first exclusives of the brand on the Xbox of each generation. You can find more news related to Xbox Game Studios by visiting this page.

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