While the PS5 may snatch most of the headlines, over the last month Xbox Series X restocks have actually become less frequent than Sony’s machine. This has made tracking down a next-gen Xbox pretty difficult and the few retailers that have restocked sold out at a rapid speed.

The good news for anyone still trying to buy an Xbox Series X is that gaming specialty retailer GameStop has confirmed it will be restocking the console this Wednesday (April 21) at 9 a.m. CT. So this could be your best chance to buy one for the next several weeks. 

Xbox Series X: $499 @ GameStop
GameStop has confirmed an Xbox Series X restock for this week. The console will only be available as part of Microsoft’s Xbox All Access program, which gives you the console itself and a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate for a low monthly fee. View Deal

Xbox Series S: $299 @ GameStop
GameStop hasn’t confirmed if the Xbox Series S will be included in this latest Xbox restock. We’ll update this article if we receive any more information before the restock takes place. View Deal

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