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Although for years it has been insisted that there is not a console war between PlayStation and Xbox, social networks are still a territory at war whenever there is important information about both brands, with many users trying to demonstrate why their preference for console it is superior, something ridiculous really. Although in terms of marketing this could be considered as an option, for the Xbox Networking team it is not in their interest.

For Xbox, there is no console war and the idea is not of interest

During his participation in the Socialbakers webinar (via Pure Xbox), Steven Monterastelli, head of social communication at Xbox, spoke about the competitive environment in the market between the Microsoft brand and Sony’s and how this comes out control in social networks. According to Monterastelli, Xbox’s interest is not in assuming itself as better than its competitor, but in serving its community: “We have fans who have both consoles and we must respect that. We are not here to say that Xbox is better than the competition. Twitter has always been a high-paced, real-time platform driven by culture and community. Building on this and creating content based on shared knowledge has been key to keeping the masses engaged in Xbox. “

On the other hand, the person in charge of Xbox social networks pointed out that at this moment the objective of the brand is to be in constant communication with fans, since there are complicated moments due to the pandemic and this has altered people’s emotions in different ways. , who interact, more than ever, on the Internet: “People come to social networks because they want to interact with the brands they love. They look for brands to amplify their shared values. Due to the pandemic, there are new feelings and emotions that had not been present in previous years. Being aware of that is key to maintaining credibility and authenticity. That has been the information we got. We need to be the fans. We need to show the fans that we understand them. “

Last year, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, expressed his total rejection of the console war and assured that if the impact of this idea were greater and had a greater presence among gamers, he would withdraw from the industry. Specifically, Spencer has been in charge of expressing Xbox’s discontent at the idea that there is a war with PlayStation, when it is only about competitiveness in the market.

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